Italian with Elisa is free a multimedia language course by EC and BSK. Download the free PDF and check our tablet-friendly web pages. Please listen extensively to the audio files. The conceptual framework of Italian with Elisa is published at TheWordBrain.com.

It all started on a sunny Sunday morning in spring 2014 when I received a WhatsApp video message from Elisa. The video showed a hilly Sardinian countryside, and while walking through curious rock formations with natural caves, Elisa made playful comments on what she was discovering. I watched the video several times and was in awe. Listen to that voice, I said to myself. It was a calm, melodious and pleasant voice, and I immediately realized that it would be excellent for presenting a language course. A few days later, Elisa accepted my invitation to participate. So I put aside a project I had just begun – a French language course – and started ‘Italian with Elisa | A multimedia language course for the world’.

Elisa’s unique and inimitable voice was not her only contribution to this first volume of the ‘Italian with Elisa’ series. Her outstanding sense of method, discipline, and perseverance was repeatedly helpful and motivating, especially in times when the usual stimuli and incentives were scarce. In this respect, Elisa is a model not only for adolescents but also for most adults.


Voice 1: Elisa
Voice 2: Daniela
Voice 3: Charlotte
Basic web research: Stephan Kamps
Brainstorming: Gerolamo Cuomo
Design: Attilio Baghino
Copy-Editing: Rob Camp
Director: Bernd Sebastian Kamps