Download the audio files to your computer or mobile devices. Over the coming days and weeks, listen to them until you can distinguish every single word! Don’t be surprised if you need to listen 10, 20 or even 50 times until you understand everything. The Word Brain (page 19ff, download the free PDF) explains why such intense repetition is perfectly normal.

Level 1: Download 15/15 audio files (.zip, 11 MB)

Level 2: Download 23/24 audio files (.zip, 25 MB)

Level 3: Download 10/16 audio files (.zip, 14 MB)

Level 4: Download 15/21 audio files (.zip, 19 MB)

The audio files for Levels 5-7 are not yet available. Elisa was too busy studying Greek and Latin…

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Please note that you don’t always need to be fully concentrated during your listening exercises. Dissolve part of your training into your daily life by listening to audio files during cooking, commuting, doing sport, etc. Change your TV habits and watch TV in your new language. Use earphones for enhanced comprehension.