Level 8

Volume 2 of ‘Italian with Elisa’ is scheduled for publication by the end of 2015. It will contain episodes 8 to 14 of ‘Giulia & Giacomo’ and more succulent recipes of Italian Cuisine.

Most importantly, Volume 2 will present you important advice on how to manage the key challenge of language learning: mastering the words! In particular, we will address three questions:

  1. How many words do you need to be perfectly at ease with the Italian language? (The answer is: between 5000 and 15,000.)
  2. Where will you find those thousands of words?
  3. How will you transfer them into your brain?

If you want to continue your Italian education, please check our website www.4Elisa.com and follow us on social media. We will be happy to listen to your comments and suggestions.

Bernd Sebastian Kamps

14th February 2015