Elisa has set up a tombola for the financing of Volume 2 (Levels 8-14). Those who donate $25 or more (see details below), participate in the tombola. The prizes:

  • 1st Prize: A 4-day stay for two persons at 20Richer at the heart of Paris.
  • 2nd Prize: A diner for two on a Bâteau-Mouche OR a show for two at the Moulin Rouge.
  • 3rd Prize: A diner for two at L’Arbre de Canelle, Paris, 9e Arrondissement.

Travel to Paris and board are not included. The 3rd, 2nd, and 1st prize are unlocked at a total donation amount of $500, $1,500, and $5,000, respectively.

Donations can be made until April 27, 2015, at our indiegogo page. The winners will be announced on April 29, 2015.

First Prize (Value: €1,000)

Four days for two persons in the heart of Paris, at 20Richer (60 sqm; see more pictures)

Second Prize (Value: €300)

A diner for two on a Bâteau-Mouche


A Moulin Rouge show for two

Third Prize (Value: €100)

A lunch for two at the Arbre de Cannelle