Audio 2

First, download the 60 audio files (normal , slow , words) and the three PDFs:

  1. Italian with Elisa
  2. Ear2Memory
  3. The Word Brain

Second, install the Android app Ear2Memory and transfer the audio files to your cell phone.

Finally, start with Level 0.


Level 0

You’ll learn your first Italian words: io-tu-lui/lei | noi-voi-loro.

Level 1

You’ll discover the most important Italian word; memorize ho-hai-ha | abbiamo-avete-hanno; and, finally, learn how to say that you are hungry.

Level 2

You’ll discover the second most important word in Italian; memorize sono-sei-è | siamo-siete-sono; and appreciate the incredible power of the participio passato! (Never heard of? Don’t worry, we’ll fix that…)



Level 3

Level 3 is the toughest level of the entire book. You’ll need power and perseverance to go through the equivalent of 20 book pages and explode avere into more than 30 pieces. It’s a rough initiation, but like all initiation rites, you have to do it only once! Enjoy…

Level 4

You’ll first explore essere which is different from avere because it wants to know if you are a girl or a boy; and, second, make the first encounter with a universal scheme of the Italian language, the so-called ‘o-a | i-e’ scheme.

Level 5

You’ll go into the details of Group 1 action words which include amare to love, pensare to think, parlare to speak/talk, arrivare to arrive, and studiare to study. Because you are one of those people who use their brain day to day in life, pensare to think will guide you through Group 1.

Level 6

You’ll make a short excursion into irregular future stems, and, finally, we’ll get the global picture of personal pronouns, your final great intellectual challenge in Italian. From there on, you’ll be definitely in calmer waters. We promise!

Level 7

After 7 levels of concentrated Italian grammar, you will be ready to start exploring the Italian language all by yourself and read your first newspaper articles!


How to use the audios and the manual

  1. Download all Italian with Elisa audio files:

Unzip the zip files, extract the audio files and transfer them to your cellphone.

  1. Download the Elisa PDF (220 pages).
  2. Install the audio app Ear2Memory.
    • Over the coming days and weeks, listen to the audios until you can distinguish every single word! Don’t be surprised if you need to listen 10, 20 or even 50 times until you understand everything
  3. Download the Ear2Memory PDF (170 pages).
    • Detailed description of the Ear2Memory app.
  4. Download The Word Brain PDF (81 pages).
    • This short manual explains why intense repetition is perfectly normal.
  5. Use earphones for enhanced comprehension.
  6. Please note that you don’t always need to be fully concentrated during your listening exercises. Dissolve part of your training into your daily life by listening to audio files during cooking, commuting, doing sport, etc.



Order print copies of Italian with Elisa on Amazon. The physical book is a useful complement of the web edition and the free PDF. The price is low because the book is sold at production cost. All people involved in the project waived their author’s and creator’s fee.


Old audio files (2015)

Level 1: Download 15/15 audio files (.zip, 11 MB)

Level 2: Download 23/24 audio files (.zip, 25 MB)

Level 3: Download 10/16 audio files (.zip, 14 MB)

Level 4: Download 15/21 audio files (.zip, 19 MB)



Italian with Elisa is free a multimedia language course by EC and BSK. Download the free PDF and the audio files (see above), install the Android app and check our tablet-friendly web pages. Please listen extensively to the audio files. The conceptual framework of Italian with Elisa is published at


Voice 1: Elisa
Voice 2: Daniela
Voice 3: Charlotte
Basic web research: Stephan Kamps
Brainstorming: Gerolamo Cuomo
Design: Attilio Baghino
Copy-Editing: Rob Camp
Director: Bernd Sebastian Kamps